Marketing Frenzy

Over the past several days, in a frenzy of activity, we’ve managed to nearly fill up every slot for our October blog tour for The Apocalypse Gene, started a giveaway at Goodreads and uploaded an excerpt, gotten the lead story in our local paper, snagged at least 12 new reviews from YA bloggers, gotten over 60 people to put it on the to-read shelf, and best of all, received a glowing Kirkus review.

However, now that Monday has arrived, if I don’t get caught up on my day job, I’ll be marketing The Apocalypse Gene from my new home in a cardboard box on Wacker Drive. In other words, I have to leave my labor of love for a while and turn my attention, full-beam, on my labor of DRUDGE.

Here’s to dreaming up new stories with one half of my brain while the other half is numb with boredom.




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