The Artistic Temperament

The Artistic Temperament is sometimes called “Soft Bipolar” or “Cyclothymic Personality”. Writers often display the signs and symptoms. We tend to be highly sensitive, prone to extremes, laser-focused or totally spaced out, depending on our mood.

I’m a fully functional human being. I work hard, tend to my grooming, clean my house, take care of my daughter, feed my dog, and clean out the kitty litter every day. I’m also a writer with a case of artistic temperament. Is this a diagnosis or a mere label? You decide.


ENDLESS CLICK-CYCLES, WORN-OUT MICE. Facebook – Twitter – Goodreads – Blogs – Facebook – Twitter – Goodreads – Blogs. Hours pass. Work doesn’t get done. When I rise to the surface, I realize the magnitude of this colossal waste of time. Then again, I’m getting pretty damn savvy on all things writing, publishing, reading, and marketing. Seems the click-cycle has scared up some priceless info. Should I shun the dreaded click? Yes! No! I don’t know!

THE MOTIVATIONAL POWER OF BOREDOM: Over the years, I’ve made a decent living typing medical reports. However, as Ogden Nash would ask, do you like your tedium rare or medium? Trust me, it’s tedious work at best. All I want to do is write. How the HELL am I going to knuckle down and type another hemorrhoidectomy report? Here’s the upside – to avoid being crushed by utter boredom, I let my imagination wander. During those forays into weirdness, I come up with all sorts of ideas for stories. What if the world were gripped by pandemic and the cure lay in the hands of ancient mystics? What if mental illness was illegal, punishable by death? What if a brilliant megalomaniac figured out a way to enhance intelligence far beyond anything dreamed possible? What would life be like for a girl who could read auras in a dying world? Tedium – I thank you. Without your gray expressionlessness, my stories would never be born.

CARLYLE IS CRAZY TOO: Carlye Clark is a most patient man, remarkably even-tempered. If he’s a “cyclothymic”, one would never know, but I’m onto him. He’s just better than I at keeping it under wraps. Proof- didn’t he dream up, in one of our stories, a whale-shaped living star ship bigger than the moon? Didn’t he write the line: “I eat the hearts of my enemies” uttered by a six-inch cyber-avatar who somehow stepped OUT of the cyber world? How can someone write such insane coolness and not have a “diagnosis”?

PROOF POSITIVE – I NEED HELP: This brings me to a little jingle I wrote and would love to share. It is sung to the tune of the Oscar Mayer classic –  “My Baloney has a First Name” – that one!

Okay. Are you ready kids?

Oooooohhhhh – My dysfunction has a first name, it’s
C – Y- C- L – O,

My dysfunction has a second name, it’s
T – H – Y – M – O,

I love to swing it every day,

And if you ask me why I’ll saaaaaaaayyyyyyy,

‘Cuz cyclothymics have a way with

E – U – F – O – R – I – A !


2 thoughts on “The Artistic Temperament

  1. Love it…maybe that’s what the psychologist called me. You make it sound deliciously acceptable for a change. Glad I found you…came from WoW where I was amazed at your turns of phrases in the winning Flash.

    • Well now, you’re so kind. Thanks for the nice words. It IS deliciously acceptable. I think we’re all a little coo-coo.

      I’ve been so lax about blogging lately – I should get back on the ball, but damn the conflict! I’d rather be writing stories. I’ll say hi at your blog.



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